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[icon] Edward Gorey, 1925-2000
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Subject:The Itinerant Postcard #2
Time:06:12 pm

"The Itinerant Postcard #2" is a 24-page 1/4-sized perzine containing some of my thoughts on language, food, and race; there are Filipino recipes, some Philippine mythology, and illustrations by Edward Gorey.

$1 or trades welcome. Available on Etsy.
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Subject:The Itinerant Postcard
Time:07:59 pm
I made a zine! "The Itinerant Postcard" is a 24-page quarter-sized perzine with prose, poetry, and illustrations by Edward Gorey. $1 or trade.

edited to add: now available on etsy!

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Subject:The Gashlycrumb Tinies: Or, After the Outing, Edward Gorey
Time:01:45 am

Total Icon Count: 25


Icons Here! )
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Subject:October 22nd , Dorian's Parlor Grand October Ball
Time:12:16 am
Current Mood:awakeawake

It is October have you RSVP for the ball?
RSVP here https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=290590704289606&ref=ts

This October 22nd Welcome the wonder of fall and the coming of All Hallows Eve with the Dorian's Parlor Grand October Ball.

Dress to the nines in Dandy, Steampunk, Neo-Victorian, Neo-Vintage, Black Tie, 18 Century, Victorian, ball gowns, and creative attire, and dance the night away.

This is an event worth the travel, as there will be nothing like it elsewhere. Dorian's Parlor is located at the beautiful Doubletree Hotel in Philadelphia right on the corner of Broad and Locust St., 3 blocks south of City Hall. Easily accessible from the Broad Street line and Septa Bus 27 and 32, and a short walk from Suburban Station.


$25 gets you admission, a drink ticket, and Hors D'oeuvres.

Our MC for the evening is the ever dapper G. D. Falksen http://www.gdfalksen.com/.

Prizes well worth over $500 awarded at midnight for the best dressed lady and gentleman.

So close to All Hallows Eve we would be foolish not to have a grand event to welcome the changing of the seasons.

This October we treat you to a very special and rare fashion show by none other then haute couture designer The Baroness Latex http://www.baroness.com. Yes, the very designer whose work you have seen worn by the likes of Lady Gaga and more. The Baroness's designs will be gracing our runway with fashion like you have never seen before.

A spectacular solo performance from the ever talented Alexx Reed of Thou Shalt Not http://www.thoushalt.net/

Dance the night away with the incredible DJ Dave Ghoul http://DaveGhoul.com/.

And that's not all. We have dozens of one of a kind vendors eager to sell you their great wares, preformers yet to be named (we must keep some surprises!), glorious food and drink, and one of the best DJs out there--DJ Dave Ghoul--spinning song after song to keep you dancing the night away. There will be a vintage style photo booth to capture your evening with our talented photographers. We will have a mountain of door prizes and give aways from such places as Wildside Press,Tor books, Retroscope Fashions, Steampunk Tales and many more, all just for you.

From Tor Books we will have debut author Lev AC Rosen entertaining you with readings from his recently released novel "All Men of Genius". Added to our prize baskets for best dressed will be a bevy of wonderful Tor books.

Color portrtaits with Hugh Casey
Have your photo taken with the classic 1900 back drop and by the skilled photogefer Hugh Casey. But have them in color with a sharp pro camera lenses. Have the joy of having a free min photo shoot at our event and then latter being able to pick what photos you would like to own from the talented Hugh Casey web site http://www.hughcasey.com/ . Document all that effort put in to looking your best with us with Hugh's incredible phototogrfy.

And much, much more yet to be announced!

Sponsored By Circuit Six - http://www.circuitsix.biz/

There is discounted parking in the hotel's garage (cash only).

Dorian’s Parlor is a sensuous spectacle of vintage glamour shining in the heart of Philadelphia. Housed at the Doubtletree Hotel on the Avenue of the Arts, this event is a haven for artists, bohemians, socialites and neo-vintage lovers of all stripes and inclinations. The gorgeous event space housing the party features both a grand ballroom and an outdoor patio for a mix of moods and climates.

Each month, Dorian’s Parlor will showcase the best in night life and artistic entertainment. In addition to inspired DJs, the Dorian’s Parlor events will feature live performances by bands, dancers and countless other talented artists. Be ready to see gorgeous models draped in the finest garments of some of the foremost neo-vintage designers during the fashion shows. And like an exotic bazaar, Dorian’s Parlor will host vendors and craftspeople eager to sell their finest wares to the revelrous crowd.

At random our wonderful ticket booth staff will be giving out prizes and goodies from the following fantastic places:

Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine

Grab bag of Tea
Also to add thanks you to Yogi Organic Tea http://www.yogiproducts.com/ ,Twinings Tea http://www.twiningsusa.com/ , Stash Tea http://www.stashtea.com/ , Teavana http://www.teavana.com/ and Lipton tea http://www.lipton.com/ at the ticket table when you first come in, we will have a grab bag of tea. In the box will be many individually wrapped tea bags of many different tastes and types from these companies for you free to take home with you and enjoy. Please, we ask that you only take one per guest as we would like everyone to be able to enjoy their tea on sunday morning. This will only be available while supplies last.

The door to the parlor is open. Won’t you come in and stay a while?
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Subject:July 16th playbill op
Time:05:00 am
Current Mood:awakeawake
I understand that this is extremely short notice but we were just aloud to publish something with in the playbill that makes it worth seeing who would wish to be part of it as well.


July 16th in Philadelphia Dorian's Parlor One Year Anniversary
Event info and RSVP here : http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=117135848365529&ref=ts

I am certain you are all aware that this July 16th in Philadelphia the one year anniversary of Dorian's Parlor One Year Anniversary is talking place.

We have been extremely fortunate and privileged via Wildside Press to be aloud to publish exclusively the prologue and first chapter to the debut novel of G.D Falksen's The Hellfire Chronicles: Blood In The Skies. This means the playbill we are publishing and handing out for free to more than the 500+ attendees at our great event will include not only full color playbill of all the entertainment, performers and vendors of the event but also a preview of a book just out this July. Due to this special collector's item we now feel it is appropriate to open our playbill up for you to place your advertisements within its pages. But due to time constraints with the event we are only open to all ad slots for the next 24 hours from now, until 6am Tuesday EST. So please if you wish be part of this ever growing fantastic night now is your change to have your ad within the pages of our collectable playbill with exclusive printed material.

I would love for the playbill to be full of nothing but ads for the fantastic fashion and accessory stores and such I see post here all the time.

Info on add space needs here
The details you need to knowCollapse )

It should also be noted that during the event we are having quite a large amount of press and media filming for documentaries and a number of other things so it is a chance to have your promotional material seen by members of the press and TV as well.

If you wish to jump on this short lived opportunity please email for ASAP info : apramagioulis@gmail.com

Thank you and I hope you come if you can. It's really becoming something special beyond the magic we do monthly at Dorian's Parlor.
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Time:12:30 pm
Current Mood:sicksick
I just found these on Etsy, and thought you all would enjoy them :D

Gashlycrumb Tinies necklace and Curious Sofa earrings
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Subject:Merry Christmas!
Time:11:00 am
An excerpt from The Twelve Terrors of Christmas written by John Updyke & illustrated by Edward Gorey...

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Time:04:11 pm
Hey everyone. I have a question. I'm pretty sure Gorey had one story about a man and a women who killed kids, but ended up in jail at the end. My professor that I told doesn't believe me, but I'm pretty sure it exists. I just can't remember the name of it, or which book it was in because I read it years ago :/ Does anyone remember it? Thanks a lot.
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Time:10:35 pm
A heads-up for those of you who may be interested - I noticed recently that Gorey's versions of Edward Lear's The Jumblies and The Dong with a Luminous Nose are coming back in print. They're published by Pomegranate and scheduled for March 2010.

More information and previews:

The Jumblies

The Dong with a Luminous Nose

Also, Bloomsbury has reprinted The Recently Deflowered Girl, no doubt occasioned by the interest the scans that made the rounds earlier this year stirred up.
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Subject:A very Gorey holiday
Time:09:02 pm
In honor of Mr. Gorey and his wonderful takes on Christmas cards, I present....

Snowmen are Evil and a little something elseCollapse )
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[icon] Edward Gorey, 1925-2000
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View:Website (Visit The Gorey Details! Cool Gorey Stuff For Sale Here!).
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